Tin Man

Tin Man


This is almost a love story.

Ellis and Michael are twelve when they first become friends, and for a long time it is just the two of them, cycling the streets of Oxford, teaching themselves how to swim, discovering poetry, and dodging the fists of overbearing fathers. And then one day this closest of friendships grows into something more.

But then we fast forward a decade or so, to find that Ellis is married to Annie, and Michael is nowhere in sight. Which leads to the question, what happened in the years between?

This is almost a love story. But it's not as simple as that.

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Title:Tin Man
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook

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  • Larry H

    Oh my god, did I love this book. I don't know if everyone will feel the same way I did, but this one had me from the first page to the last.I know that blurbs on the covers of books often come from fr...

  • Simon

    I didn't think a perfect book could exist, I was wrong. As Michael says within 'It was beautiful and, occasionally, it hurt.' Get ready for me to go on and on and on about Sarah Winman's incredible th...

  • Tracey

    What a gentle, moving and beautiful story of life, love and friendship. And sunflowers, don't forget those. 🌻The characters are brilliantly explored Ellis and Michael will get into your heart. I kn...

  • Linda Hill

    Ellis lives a solitary life, but it is a life peppered with memories of the past.I’ve been staring at a blank screen and wondering what I can say about Sarah Winman’s Tin Man that will be adequate...

  • Bibliophile Book Club

    I tend to avoid books that deal with love, loss, romance, grief and so on. I don't know why, I just don't like to read them. Lately though, I have been reading books that challenge my perceived notion...

  • Ylenia

    2.5 starsThis book was such a letdown! Did I read a totally different book? Tin Man is so short that summarizing the plot would be a spoiler in itself, so all I can say is that this a convoluted novel...

  • Anne

    "What's a complement? Ellis asked. Complementing colours are ones that make the others stand out. Like blue and orange, said his mother. Like me and Ellis, said Michael. Yes, she smiled. Like you two....

  • Jaclyn Crupi

    An achingly beautiful book about three people who love each other. It's about first love and small kindnesses. It's about how destructive toxic masculinity can be. And it's about love is love is love ...

  • Shawn Mooney

    Darn, this didn't really work for me. The first half was quite subtle and powerful, as was the beginning of the second half, in diary form. But then that diarist-character started banging me over the ...

  • Jenny in Neverland

    Review: You only have to look on Goodreads for 30 seconds to see the abundance of 5 star reviews for this book. I read Sarah Winman’s, ‘When God Was a Rabbit’ a couple f years ago and it quickly...